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Furnace Check Up

The Furnace Clean & Check Includes:

  • Inspect all wiring and electrical connections
  • Check controls and furnace operation for safetyFurnace Tune Up Grand Rapids
  • Check wiring, breaker and proper fuse size for electrical safety
  • Check motors and bearings for wear
  • Oil motors as necessary if needed
  • Check thermostat operation and recommend how to save on fuel costs
  • Check air filter and indoor air flow for proper operation and Indoor Air Quality
  • Check humidity level for comfort and proper Indoor Air Quality
  • Check / clean flame sensor as neeeded
  • Check ignitor and burner operation for safe and efficient fuel burn
  • Check Heat Exchanger for cracks, exhaust fumes, and or Carbon Monoxide leakage
  • Expert HVAC troubleshooting and analysis if needed on faulty or questionable parts
  • Free estimates for replacements


Unmatched Savings and Service Guarantees

In addition to our excellent furnace check service, we offer expert advice on how to help you save money on energy costs that affords you piece of mind, and gives you access to some of the best technicians in the industry 24/7.  We want you to be comfortable and help you save money.

If your furnace isn’t running, learn more about our Furnace Repair service.

A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning – We Keep You Feeling Good!  …AND save you money.

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